Hello, garden enthusiasts and curious learners! We’re back with another exciting adventure at Jr. Green Thumbs, and boy, was it a buzzing day in the garden! 🌱🐝

Our latest class was all about ecology in the garden and discovering the amazing relationships between plants and insects. This is our last class for the year, so we soaked up as much as we could from the day!

Ecology in the Garden

Our main class topic this month was ecological relationships in the garden. We explored different types of relationships that insects and plants have, just like with all other living things. We got a little familiar with predator-prey and symbiotic relationships. Like ladybugs and aphids. Ladybugs hunt aphids, which are a common pest in the garden. It’s valuable to know what types of relationships insects have with one another. We can encourage ladybugs in our garden to help take care of some of those pesty bugs. We also learned how we all depend on plants for so many things we need, just like how insects rely on plants for food, shelter, and protection.

Cleaning Up and Building Up: A Day of Action

Before diving into our big project, we rolled up our sleeves for a little garden TLC. The summer had come and gone, leaving behind a few casualties—some tired-looking plants that had given their all. With a mix of nostalgia and anticipation, we cleared out the remnants of the summer garden.

But here’s the twist—nothing goes to waste in our garden! We gathered those fallen leaves, withered stems, and spent blooms and turned them into something magical: compost! ♻️

Buzzing with Creativity: Building Insect Hotels

Now, let’s talk about the star of the day—the insect hotels! 🏨 Our young gardeners were itching to get started, and boy, did they dive into this project with enthusiasm. Armed with recycled tin cans, paintbrushes, and a rainbow of paints, they let their imaginations soar.

The goal? To create cozy, welcoming homes for our tiny garden buddies like bees and ladybugs to hunker down in for the winter. Sticks, bamboo, cardboard, hay—you name it, these insect hotels had it all! It was like building five-star accommodations for our six-legged friends.

The kids painted the tin cans in vibrant colors, each design as unique as the budding artists behind them. It was a testament to the creativity that blossoms in the garden.

What’s Next for Jr. Green Thumbs?

We’re thrilled to have shared this amazing day with our Jr. Green Thumbs, and we want you to join the fun next year! In December, we’ll be announcing our plans for 2024, packed with more adventures, learning, and green-thumb action.

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Come, be a part of the excitement, and let’s explore the wonders of nature together! 🌿🌼🌞

Until next time, keep your hands in the dirt and your hearts in the garden. 🌱💚