About Jr. Green Thumbs


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Our Mission & Vision

“Empowering the next generation through a love for horticulture, the Junior Green Thumbs program cultivates young minds, nurturing a lifelong passion for plants & nature. We are committed to fostering youth education and fostering a sense of community, as we sow the seeds of knowledge and growth together.

What We Offer

  • Monthly Gatherings: Join us once a month as we explore various aspects of gardening, from planting and watering to composting and weeding. Each session is designed to be hands-on, engaging, and filled with opportunities for learning.


  • Age-Appropriate Learning: Our program is tailored to children in 4th to 9th grade, but we welcome kids of all ages who share a love for gardening and the great outdoors.


  • Enthusiastic Guidance: Our team of experienced gardeners and educators is here to inspire and guide young green thumbs on their journey. We’re dedicated to creating a safe and encouraging space for children to explore and learn.

Why Choose Jr. Green Thumbs?

Why Choose Junior Green Thumbs:

  • Foster Lifelong Skills: Gardening teaches responsibility, patience, and a deep connection to nature. These skills stay with children throughout their lives.


  • Community Engagement: We believe that gardening isn’t just about plants; it’s about fostering connections within our community. Kids not only grow plants but also grow friendships and a sense of belonging.


  • Environmental Awareness: Through hands-on experiences like composting, we instill a sense of environmental responsibility and sustainability in our young gardeners.


About Our Volunteers

The group of volunteers we have running the program are enthusiastic to say the least! We are eager to teach and guide the next generation of growers and give them an outlet to be creative in nature. All our volunteers have been through the master gardeners training through the UT-TSU Extension Service. They are equipped with the knowledge and full of passion to make a difference in our community.

The Volunteers who put our classes together, coordinate events, and teach the youth are all Master Gardener Association Members and affiliates of the UT-TSU Extension Services. Our volunteers are managed under a tier structure and volunteers working with youth on an ongoing basis must be a tier 3 volunteer, meaning they have been vetted by UT with additional safety training and background checks. This is to ensure a safe environment and ease of mind to the parents who entrust us to look after their kids during classes and events.


    Join Us

    We invite parents to enroll their children in Junior Green Thumbs and embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and green thumbs! Together, we’ll sow the seeds of knowledge and watch them bloom into lifelong passions.

    Get ready to get your hands dirty and your heart in the garden!

    Parents aren’t required to sit in on the classes but are definitely welcomed to do so. We love when parents join in and engage in the classes. You’re never too old to learn something new in the garden.


      About Master Gardeners Association

      In 1998 Lawrence County offered the first Master Gardener Program to its citizens. Since then, numerous community members have joined the association and offered horticulture education opportunities across the county. We are excited to have a hub for all things Master Gardener.

      The Master Gardeners Association have undergone training and education and have received certification through the program in coordination with the UT-TSU Extension Services. As a community of garden enthusiasts and experts we enjoy spreading the love for gardening and horticulture to our community. We host several programs and events open to the public throughout the year and encourage you to join us!

      Master Gardeners Association is a Non-Profit Organization. 

      Our Mission

      Improve the lives of Tennesseans through horticulture education delivered by a dedicated and skilled volunteer network.

      If you love gardening and want to get involved with this program and spread the love of gardening and education to our community, consider joining the Master Gardener Association. We are always looking to add more like-minded growers to our organization.

      Find Out More on Our Site: Master Gardeners Association

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        Why Enroll?

        1. Personal Growth: 🌱

        • Develop responsibility, patience, and a lifelong love for nature.
        • Build confidence through hands-on learning and achievement.

        2. Environmental Awareness: 🌿

        • Foster a deep understanding of the environment and sustainable practices.
        • Learn the importance of reducing waste and caring for our planet.

        3. Community Connection: 🌻

        • Cultivate friendships and a sense of belonging.
        • Engage in teamwork and collaborative projects.

        4. Green Leadership: 🌼

        • Empower your child to become an environmentally-conscious leader.
        • Equip them with skills that extend far beyond the garden.

        Enroll your child today and watch them thrive!

        Want to Join The Club?

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